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About Attraction Marketing Surveys & Videos (AMSAV).

Attraction Marketing Surveys & Videos (AMSAV) was created by Paul von Wildenrath who, after 48 years’ retail sales and 45 years’ MLM sales experience, wanted to share his selling and marketing skills with entrepreneurs, SME owners and Corporate CEO’s who either hate selling, can’t sell or who fear rejection and talking to people.

Throughout his career, Paul noticed that most people in business with products and services to sell were, in fact, either not properly trained to sell, or disliked or, in some cases, even feared selling. So he created AMSAV to do all the selling for you – so you don’t have to!

Paul decided to create an affordable range of survey and video products, subscription services, training courses, discounted bundles and sales agencies that together offer the following features:

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A)  A 2-minute survey to sort out your real customers from the time wasters;
B)  Paul’s selling skills as your personal, 24/7 “Super Video Salesman”;
C)  The principles of Attraction Marketing;
D)  The power of video sales, with your own product promo video. The Ultimate Video Option does the entire sale for you, from identifying the right customers right down to your Checkout page where they buy and make payment!
E)  The option to combine the survey and one of 4 types of videos for an even more powerful result!
F)  A once-off cost, equivalent to 1 month’s salary (or even less), for your own, permanent video salesman who will market your products on autopilot, 24/7!
G)  A Monthly Management Service, where we will send out your survey and video links and monitor the responses on a subscription basis, so you don’t have to!
H)  A Monthly Editing & Updating Service that will save you time and money by updating existing videos instead of creating whole new ones whenever a one-off item is sold.
I) Training Courses – Retail Sales, Business Networking, Network Marketing and Computer & Internet Awareness courses.
J) Combine a number of products, services and/or courses together and create a Discount Bundle for yourself! Just tell us what you want, and we will create it for you!
K) Become a Sales Agent and bring us customers, using our own video technology! Buy your own agency under the AMSAV umbrella, and only pay for your marketing and selling tools. The package we create for you will do most of the work!

Why Should You Use AMSAV?


In Retail, most business owners don’t have a clue how to sell!

They LOSE THEIR BUSINESSES because they don’t understand the need to advertise, nor do they know how to speak to people properly!!

And in MLM, 97% of people fail, and only 3% succeed.
They FAIL because they don’t make the EFFORT required to SELL their own products!!

And most business owners don’t invest time or money in training their sales force and therefore never achieve the true sales targets that they could be experiencing.

So Paul decided to offer his selling skills on video for anyone who needs a permanent, experienced and professional salesman to market their products and services for them online and offline, on autopilot, 24/7/365, for the equivalent of just one month’s salary!

He called this excellent and much-needed service Attraction Marketing Surveys & Videos, or AMSAV for short.

The name says it all!

87% Of All Online Marketers Use Video Content!

Why shouldn't YOU??

More Traffic = More Leads = More Sales!

Take the Survey!

Click Here to take our AMSAV survey to see an example of the type of survey we can create for you, which will be customised to suit your business or industry, and to see if you are an ideal customer for our service.

Those who respond positively will receive a phone call and/or a link to our promo video (the Ultimate Interactive Video Option), showing some of the features that you could have in your own promo video. (There are many more features available).

See our Products page for more details and prices on our range of packages.

Check out our Subscription Services and Training Courses!

Spotter's Fees!

We are offering you a 5% “spotter’s fee” on the first order of every paying customer you bring to us. By promoting us, you will help us grow our business and you will share a valuable sales and marketing skillset with your business associates, friends and family who have products to sell, so we want to give you something to benefit from, too.

To earn your spotter's fee, just email us the names, email addresses and cell numbers of the people you speak to who give their permission for me to contact them, to prove that you contacted them first. If they buy one of our packages, you get paid! Make the complete sale, and you will earn 10% of whatever they spend on their first order!

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10% Introductory Discount!

If you have not purchased one of our Survey & Video packages, Subscription Services or Training Courses yet, we are offering
the first 100 Customers who respond to this notice a 10% Introductory Discount on any of our listed products and services.
See the Products page for more details on available options.
Contact Us to place your order and claim your discount!