Advanced Video Option – Animated Images & Text

  • advanced "animated" videos

The Advanced Video Option includes 1 product promo video with animated text, images and special effects, video clips, voiceover and musical background, customised to promote your business, product or service.

The Advanced package is in the middle price range of our 4 main video products. 

Below are some examples of our Advanced Animated Videos.

Here is the first Animated Video I made, around the middle of 2018 while I was still getting to grips with all the video software I bought to help me sell on your behalf. I’m including it here to offset it against my more recent works, to show you the advancements I have made in creating videos like this, to help promote your business, products and services.
This is Sales Video Option 3, Between the Intermediate (Static) Option, and the Ultimate (Interactive) Option.
Click the “Full Screen” icon at the bottom for a better effect.

Here are some more recent examples.