Basic Computer & Internet Literacy Course

This course is for young and old. It is designed so that even your grandparents can learn how to use a computer and the internet so they can Skype with you, write to you, and more! It teaches the basics of what the components of a computer are and what they do – what is a CPU, what is an input device, what is an output device, and what is the difference between a desktop and a laptop. It teaches you correct keyboard typing skills, how to write in MS Word, how to open, create, edit and save documents, how to “surf” the internet, how to send and receive emails, how to Skype, and much more.

To create this course for you, we have researched and found several online courses, all put together by professional  tutors. Some are specific to elderly people and those with no computer skills at all, others are for those who know a little and want to know more. Altogether there are at least 6 different courses for you to choose from. You try them all and work with the one/s you are most comfortable with, and understand the best. We have tried and tested them and found them to be ideal for anyone wanting to know more about computer basics and how to get the most out of a computer. 

Only ZAR 670 / 67 £/€/$!

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