The AMSAV Standard Option –
Customised Survey Only

Before you can present your products to potential customers, you have to find them!

Finding customers is called “Prospecting”, and it is a job very few people enjoy doing.

This is why we at AMSAV have included Prospecting in our service delivery, as THE most important element, because without prospecting, you have no customers. And without customers, you cannot present, make sales, close deals, get paid and earn an income.

And the best way to Prospect on autopilot is through surveys, written specifically for the client’s business or industry.
Our Standard Option is a powerful Prospecting tool that works on autopilot, just like our promo videos do, to find the RIGHT people to sell your products to!
The Standard Option is only for Prospecting, and it should be your choice if you already know how to sell or enjoy selling, because Prospecting is as important as selling, but it is a completely different activity.

The price of the Standard Option has been calculated at a labour cost for 4 hours of work done, even though we can spend up to 2-4 times the amount of time we charge for.
(To research your business, gather information and build your survey and video usually takes much longer than the 4 hours you are being charged for).

We can be paid in any currency as all international payments go through PayFast or Paypal.
We have included a currency converter on our Shop page to appeal to customers from different countries. You can also pay in  Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Crypto payments must be made directly into our crypto wallet. Details are on our checkout page. Email us your sending wallet address, the date/time and the amount so we can reconcile your payment with you.

Our customised surveys with carefully selected questions will quickly show who is a genuine buyer, and who is just a time-waster who has no intention of buying from you.

Each survey is customised to suit your business or industry, and you will soon see from the first 1-3 answers whether to delete the respondent or save their details for Step 2, add them to your newsletter database and send them your product promo video or call them to make an appointment for a meeting.

And if you don’t have the time or the inclination to monitor your survey’s responses, simply subscribe to our monthly Monitoring & Management Service, and we will do it all for you.

Details can be found on the Shop page.