Combinations of

Surveys, Videos, Services and Training Courses.


Better Prices!

You can get even better prices when you purchase several items at once, even if they are in different categories!
In fact, we ENCOURAGE you to increase your chances of turning more leads into paying customers AND make life easier for yourself! Further down is our list of Products, Services and Training Bundles we have created for you. They can be a combination of 2 or more items and be a mixture of surveys, videos, subscription services, other services and training courses. 

For convenience sake, we recommend that you bundle once-off payment items together, and subscription items together.
You will still get the discount on the entire Bundle because we will consider it as a single purchase! 

Product Categories

There are far too many bundle permutations to list. 
So we decided to itemise all available products and services below with their pricing, so you can put your own bundles together and email your selection to us. We will cost it with generous discounts, based on the number of items you have chosen, and their value. You can then accept or reject our offer. If you need help, let us know and we will guide you! 

Mix and match your own Bundles! Combine items from different categories!

Then Email Us your selection (using the form below) so we can create a bundle and an appropriate discount for you!  Remember, the more items you bundle together, the bigger your discount!

Contact me

Once you know which items you want to purchase, email them to me using the form on the right, and I will get back to you asap with a bundled discount for everything.
Separate the once-off payment items from the monthly subscription items for ease of calculation. You will still get a discount based on your total purchase. Remember, the more you bundle, the more you save!

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