Cooking Course for Diabetics

and the Health Conscious

This 6-day cooking course is of particular interest to diabetics, people with heart & kidney problems and the health conscious. It will also benefit anyone who just wants to eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Others who will benefit from the course are people who are overweight or undernourished. The focus here is on nutritional value, not bulk. I eliminate almost all things that can cause weight-gain, including additional sugar, salt and fats other than those that appear naturally in our food. 
As a result of my 10 years’  experience in hotels and restaurants and my love of cooking, I decided that
becoming a diabetic did not mean that I was going to eat bland, uninteresting or boring food.

I began learning how to adapt my own recipes to suit people with diabetes and other disorders or diseases that require a healthier than normal eating lifestyle. After much experimentation over the past 27 years (with myself as the guinea pig) and plenty of research into suitable substitutes for “forbidden” components (ie: many hours spent in supermarkets reading the lists of ingredients on food labels), I have now put together a great collection of recipes for meals that not only looked and tasted like “normal” food, but that are extremely healthy and safe for diet-sensitive people to eat.

My next step was to convert my cooking course into a food lifestyle that would teach other diabetics and health-conscious people to do the same.

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If everyone ate the way a Diabetic is supposed to eat, almost
no-one would have weight problems, eating disorders or health problems!

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Please note that this is not just another recipe book. It is an instruction manual with nutritional information, facts about diabetes (from a fitness fanatic and Type-1 Diabetic of 27 years standing), tips and ideas to help you lead a better, healthier lifestyle.

It will teach you  how to prepare and cook healthy, tasty and exciting meals after you learn how to substitute “unsafe” ingredients for “safe” ones.

This book is intended to teach you how to convert non-diabetic recipes into meals that are diabetic-friendly and safe to eat, without losing their sensory appeal and flair.

The recipes in this book are examples of this strategy. They are what I cook and eat, myself, some more often than others. 

You are encouraged to be as adventurous with your food as you can, without forfeiting your health.You will learn many interesting facts about diabetes and how to manage your eating lifestyle, but remember that this book is all about the food; it is not a medical journal and it makes no pretence as such.

I have given hands-on cooking classes using this book, and my students have all expressed how much it has taught them.

I now offer it to you, and I would love to get your feedback on its content and the quality of the information provided.
You can always email me at any time if you have any questions, and your positive feedback would be most gratefully received.
Your testimonials will be posted on my web site!

Enjoy the Read!