How does AMSAV work?

We are primarily a Sales Video Production Company. We provide the skills and technology to find qualified leads and sell to them on behalf of entrepreneurs and business owners, on autopilot.
However, we have 2 major services that customers can subscribe to on a monthly basis, and we offer 4 training courses as well. We also do web design and we will be adding new features as the business grows.

What are my benefits as a Customer?

If you have a problem finding leads, or if you have products or services to sell and you hate selling or fear public speaking or rejection, we will conduct entire sales progressions on your behalf 24/7, on autopilot, so you don’t have to. In other words, we become your “Super Video Salesman” for a once-off cost! Our videos will increase your potential customer database and increase sales, turnover and profits. And if you don’t want to monitor your survey responses or distribute your videos yourself, you can subscribe to one of our 2 services and we will do it all for you.
And if you or anyone you know want to learn to sell, business network, network market or gain better computer skills, you/they can buy one of our 4 training courses.

Is this MLM?

No, it is strictly Retail. Independent Sales Agents buy a bona fide “business-in-a-business” and they earn commissions on their own sales only. There is no MLM downline. The whole purpose here is for everyone to make retail purchases and to earn retail commissions when they bring us paying customers.

Do I have to Sign Up to make a purchase?

No, you can purchase as a Guest, but the next time you buy something, you will have to put all your details in again. As a Registered Customer, you won’t have to do that.

Can I give you details of my business before you make my survey and video?

Yes! Give us the questions you want us to ask in the survey to see if the respondent is a genuine buyer or a time waster; give us images (pictures) of your business premises, your products, your offices, your staff, etc, (whatever you think is important) as well as any video clips you may have, plus the script for the text and voiceover inserts in the video.

We will also need to know which video type you want and whether you will need one or both of our subscription services, and which of our training courses (if any) you may need.

If you choose the interactive video (the Ultimate Option), you must tell us what your product range consists of so we can advise you on how many embedded videos you will need.

We will show it to you graphically, too.

And if you need more than 2 products, we will put them together in a discounted bundle for you!

How do I receive my products?

Because they are all virtual products, they will be emailed to you. So make sure you give us valid contact details when you buy and/or register with us.

How do I Register and Login?

At the top left of the “Home” screen, click on “My Account” then on the right, type in your Email Address and Password and click the “Register” button. Later, when you come back, you can click “My Account” and “Login” on the left side of the page.

How do I become a Sales Agent?

You buy one of our affordable Agency packages. This is a proper business, not a free give-away.
However, you only pay for the services provided in each package.
These include, primarily, comprehensive sales training (optional, but necessary), your personalised prospecting survey and your own personalised promo video that does all the selling for you.
So you earn an income from the work that your tools do for you.
You have very little work to do, except to put your survey and video out there, and collect your earnings at the end of every month!

If I buy a sales training course, what certification do I get with it?

You can buy the course for a discounted once-off price, or you can buy it per chapter. There is a test that you can buy, and your score will be mentioned on your Certificate of Completion, which you will only get if you buy the entire course.
If you score less than 80%, you can buy the test again and aim for a higher score.
If you buy the complete manual but you don’t take the test, you will get the Certificate of Completion without the test score. All the answers can be found in the manual.

Can I show the Certificate of Completion at a job interview?

Yes, you can. Remember, it is not an official certificate, nor is it sanctioned by any governing body, but it will show your prospective employer that you have made the effort to buy and complete a sales training course in order to improve your selling skills. This will impress them, and although it may not guarantee your employment, it will definitely improve your chances, especially if no-one else at the interview produces such a certificate. If you become a self-employed AMSAV Sales Agent, you will get the training course as part of your package, then you can sell the training course to companies for their sales staff and you will earn commissions! And you will be your own boss, determining your own income.