Management Service Conditions

1. If you take this service, we will send out your surveys and collect the responses, delete the suspects and call, make appointments to see or send your promo video link/s to the prospects who want to buy your products and who can even make payment online from the (Ultimate) Interactive Video, or we can “Share” your video on social media to make it go viral.

2. Cancellation of your service by either party will mean that you must take over all those duties yourself.

3. Your account will be automatically debited by PayFast or Paypal, depending whether you live in or outside of South Africa.

4. Your account will be debited monthly in advance, between the 25th and the last day of every month.

5. Payment must be made immediately and received by the 1st day of the following month to avoid penalties and suspension of the service.

6. If you stop payment or are late paying, your management service will be suspended until you again make payment of the arrears plus the next month’s amount.

7. After every stopped or late payment, you will be charged a 5% admin fee or US$35, whichever is highest, in addition to your chosen premium.

8. Please make prompt payments to keep bank charges and penalties to a minimum.

9. Suspension of your management service will mean that you will not receive responses to your surveys, so you will not get an increase in your database, sales or income from your videos, until payment has been reinstated.

10. By taking the service you agree to abide and be bound by our Terms of Use.