Monthly Account Monitoring & Management Service

We will monitor and manage your survey & video responses for you!

At AMSAV we are constantly adding new elements to add greater value to our service. A number of our clients have asked us if we would monitor the responses to their surveys, sort out the buyers from the non-buyers, send out their video links to positive respondents and forward the results to them, as they don’t have the time, the inclination or the know-how to do so themselves. We have listened to their requests and decided to provide them (and you) with a Monitoring & Management Service on a monthly subscription basis. We will monitor all responses and take the necessary actions, then give you feedback.

Payment Options

Work Done

6 Hrs pm

(16 minutes per day)


8 Hrs pm

(22 minutes per day)


10 Hrs pm

(28 minutes per day)


Pay Monthly

ZAR 3,000 pm

£/€/$ 300 pm


ZAR 4,000 pm

£/€/$ 400 pm


ZAR 5,000 pm

£/€/$ 500 pm

Pay Every 3 Months

ZAR 9,000

£/€/$ 900


ZAR 12,000

£/€/$ 1,200


ZAR 15,000

£/€/$ 1,500


1 Hour pm FREE
on all options!

Pay Every 6 Months

ZAR 18,000

£/€/$ 1,800


ZAR 24,000

£/€/$ 2,400


ZAR 30,000

£/€/$ 3,000


2 Hours pm FREE
on all options!

Pay Every 12 Months

ZAR 36,000

£/€/$ 3,600


ZAR 48,000

£/€/$ 4,800


ZAR 60,000

£/€/$ 6,000


4 Hours pm FREE
on all options!

To order the service, click the “BUY NOW” button below your preferred option or go to Shop and select your survey & video package, no. of additional (embedded) videos, if any, and the Management Service.

TIP: You can create your own Discount Bundle with all the above items and SAVE! Email it to us for costing!

Choose your Management Service term (payment period), click “Add to Cart” then “View Cart” then “Proceed to Checkout” to make your payment.

NOTE! Should you want any of our other services, eg: Video Editing and Updating, simply add them to your shopping cart before you checkout. Make sure to add it to your Bundle!

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