Monthly Monitoring & Management Service.

At AMSAV we are constantly adding new elements to add greater value to our service.
A number of our clients have asked us if we would monitor the responses to their surveys, sort out the suspects from the prospects, send out their video links to positive respondents and forward the results to them, as they don’t have the time, the inclination or the know-how to do so themselves.
We have listened to their requests and decided to provide them (and you) with a Monitoring & Management Service on a monthly subscription basis.


  1. If you take this service, we will send out your surveys and collect the responses, delete the suspects and call, make appointments to see or send your promo video link/s to the prospects who want to buy your products and who can even make payment online from the (Ultimate) video or “Share” your video to make it go viral on social media.

  2. Cancellation of your service by either party will mean that you must take over all those duties yourself.

  3. Your account will be automatically debited by PayFast, monthly in advance, between the 25th and the last day of the month.

  4. Payment must be made immediately and received by the 1st day of the following month to avoid penalties and suspension of the service.

  5. If you stop payment or are late paying, your management service will be suspended until you again make payment of the arrears plus the next month’s amount.

  6. After every stopped or late payment, you will be charged a 5% admin fee or US$35, whichever is highest, in addition to your chosen premium.

  7. Please make prompt payments to keep bank charges and penalties to a minimum.

  8. Suspension of your management service will mean that you will not receive responses to your surveys, so you will not get an increase in your database, sales or income from your videos, until payment is made.

  9. By taking the service you agree to abide and be bound by our Terms of Use.

Cost Calculation.

We charge our Monitoring & Management Service at ZAR 500/hour, as follows (We have included the USD, GBP, EUR and BTC prices below for your convenience):

ZAR 3,000 / USD, GBP, EUR 500 / BTC 0.076 pm for 6 hours pm, Mon-Fri, or 16 minutes per day.

ZAR 4,000 / USD, GBP, EUR 675 / BTC 0.103 pm for 8 hours pm, Mon-Fri, or 22 minutes per day.

ZAR 5,000 / USD, GBP, EUR 845 / BTC 0.128 pm for 10 hours pm, Mon-Fri, or 28 minutes per day.

You choose how much time you want us to spend on monitoring and managing your account and select that option on the Shop page when you checkout. 

Daily Service Calculation:

1 month = 22 working days.
6 hours (360 minutes) worked per month = 360 minutes ÷ 22 days = 16 minutes per day.
8 hours (480 minutes) worked per month = 480 minutes ÷ 22 days = 22 minutes per day.
10 hours (600 minutes) worked per month = 600 minutes ÷ 22 days = 28 minutes per day.

By paying quarterly, half yearly or annually, you save on bank fees plus we will discount your payments, depending on your choice of term (Payment period).

See below for 1, 3, 6 & 12 month payments in ZAR.



3 Monthly

6 Monthly

12 Monthly

6 hrs/8 hrs/10 hrs

6 hrs/8 hrs/10 hrs

6 hrs/8 hrs/10 hrs

 6 hrs/8 hrs/10 hrs







3 months = 13 weeks.
Monthly – no discount.
3 monthly – pay for 13 weeks and get 1 additional week free.
6 monthly – pay for 26 weeks and get 2 additional weeks free.
12 monthly – pay for 52 weeks and get 4 additional weeks free.

To order the service, go to Shop and select your package, no. of additional videos (if any) and Management Service.
Choose your Management Service term (payment period), click “Add to Cart” then “View Cart” then “Proceed to Checkout” to make your payment.

NOTE! Should you want any of our other services, simply add them to your shopping cart before you checkout.