Product Intro videos

Product Intro Videos are an excellent product to have, because they are both affordable and extremely powerful.
They are short, punchy 1-2 minute videos that introduce your logo, company, products and/or services to the world!
Your audience doesn’t have time to “surf” away, so they get the whole message!

You can buy a Product Intro Video in place of a more expensive option, like the Ultimate Interactive Video Option, and we will even include an interactive element for you, if you take our Limited time Only Special Offer!

We also give Product Intro Videos away for FREE when you spend above R30,000 / $/£/€ 3,000 on a bundle, so you get a DOUBLE DISCOUNT!

Below are some Product Intro Video examples with text and music. Voice-overs are an optional extra.

NOTE! Where possible, you should enlarge the video to full screen for an even better effect.
(Click the icon in the bottom right corner).

This first video, an interactive, 2-minute Product Intro  Video for an imaginary coffee shop, has a link at the end that you click to take a survey. Click the link to see what happens!

This next video is not interactive. It is a standard “Logo Intro Video” (now called “Product Intro Videos” as being more specific), 50 seconds in length. It does tell you a little about our Interactive Videos, though, and gives you my contact details.
You will notice in the beginning that my logo appears in the top left corner, a subliminal reminder of who we are.

I love this next video because it is so dramatic, with the sound track, the special effects and sound effects! It is only 60 seconds long, but it puts a powerful message across. (It has 1 spelling mistake that I must still correct. Apologies for that).

The next video also has strong sound and visual effects. It incorporates several templates and elements, overlaid upon each other to enhance its effectiveness.

This Inter Galactic Video is one of my favourites, with its futuristic soundtrack and theme.

This video has a more light-hearted feel, created by the music. It incorporates several templates that work well together.
It has a lot of animation, with constant movement to retain the viewer’s interest.