Computer & Internet Literacy Course

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This fantastic Computer & Internet Literacy Course is a compilation of several different resources we have put together that are designed to teach people, young and not so young, all about computers and the internet in a way that is friendly, helpful and non-threatening.
YOU choose the course/s best suited to your learning ability!
This course is for little kids who want to learn about computers, as well as for parents and grandparents who may be a bit technophobic, and it shows that there is nothing to fear from computers!
Especially when you realise that a computer is nothing more than a “clever idiot” that can only do what YOU tell it to do! Switch it off, and it’s nothing more than an expensive paper-weight!
The course explains  quickly and efficiently what input and output devices are, how to get around a computer and how to easily “surf” the internet.

It also teaches you how to type, how to write letters, save them, email them, and much more.

The cost is once-off, and you get 100x the value in return!

Get started and soon you’ll be so familiar with your computer, you’ll wonder what took you so long to enjoy the entertainment, education and communication benefits your computer and the internet provide you with!

If you know someone who you want to get started using a computer, like your grandparents who live in another country and you want to communicate with them on Skype, for example, this course makes a GREAT gift! And it’s something they will have always, to use as a refresher course later on, if needs be!
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