6-Day Cooking Course for Diabetics (and the Health Conscious)

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I wrote this cooking course primarily for diabetics and for “cooking newbies” (beginners), but it is for anyone who wants to eat well and maintain a healthy diet. If everyone ate the way diabetics were supposed to eat, then no-one would be overweight or have dietary problems, because it is such a great and healthy way of eating!
Therefore, this cooking course (it is not just a recipe book, it teaches you how to cook interesting, tasty and nutritional food, what ingredients and utensils to have in your kitchen, and more) teaches you the many different ways to cook meat, fish, poultry, eggs and other ingredients.
It is for anyone who needs to be more health conscious; like athletes, people with heart or kidney problems, high blood pressure, people wanting to lose weight or those just wanting to eat better and healthier, without giving up the taste and keeping their food good looking and interesting.

The book contains family favourite recipes that I grew up on, and I learned how to replace unhealthy ingredients with good ones, without sacrificing flavour.
I have included some great tips, ideas and recipes, replacing normal ingredients with valid alternatives where necessary, instead of sugar, fat and starch, to maintain the taste and interest factors. Well, it works for me!

I have been cooking this way for myself since I got Type-1 Diabetes 27 years ago, and everyone tells me how well and energetic I look, and that I don’t look my age, which is GREAT for my ego!
Incidentally, I have had an underactive thyroid as long as I have been diabetic, which means I should be as round as a ball, and yet I’m slim, fit and strong, even at 66 years of age!
I hope you adopt this eating lifestyle, as I call it, and that it brings you many compliments, too!