Additional, Embedded Videos. Add them to your Ultimate Option purchase.


Choose Your Currency

You can have as many embedded videos in your main Ultimate (Interactive) video as you like, to make them more interactive. They are priced per embedded video.
The more embeds you have, the better you can “fine-tune” your product range to suit each prospective customer’s needs, right down to a specific item, and to increase your sales.

Embeds allow the customer to make a purchase right off the video, directly into your bank account. You can add as many extra videos as you need.
We have heavily discounted our embeds to keep our product affordable.
When selecting the Ultimate Video Option, Contact Us for a consultation to determine the right number of embeds you will need for your main video.
Select “Additional Videos” then click “Add to Basket” then “View Basket”. Adjust the number of embeds you want in the “Quantity” box, then click “Update Basket” then “Proceed to Checkout” and follow the prompts.