Ultimate Video Option – Interactive


Choose Your Currency

The Ultimate Video Option includes 1 Interactive product promo video, made up of static and animated text and images and video clips (provided by you), plus templates, transitions, elements, voiceover (optional), sound effects and musical background.

It will sell for you and get payment made directly into your bank account 24/7, on autopilot. It is designed to engage your viewers and hold their attention throughout the length of the video, with questions that need to be answered, data capture elements (eg: “send an email”), “Share” buttons and CTA’s (Call To Action buttons, eg: “Buy Now!”).
Viewers must click on answers and CTA’s in order to progress through the video when asked to do so.
THIS is what captivates them!
You can include as many embedded videos as you need to lead the viewer to your checkout page where they can buy the item they want and make payment into your bank account.
Save money by choosing a bundle, comprising a survey, the Ultimate Video, as many embedded videos as you think you will need, and possibly a management service or editing service and a sales training course.

Contact Us for assistance, or if you want to pay in cryptocurrency.

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