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The list of AMSAV products and services is growing, thanks to the valuable input we receive from our visitors and customers.
We have come up with some innovative additions to our range – surveys, videos, subscription services and training courses.
We have listed them below in their Categories, for easier reading.
Click each hyperlink below to go to that page for more details.
When you know what you want, go to the Shop page to select and buy your preferred products, then click “Add to Cart” then “View Cart” then “Proceed To Checkout” to make payment.

Survey & Video Products –
Once-Off Purchases and Monthly Rentals

The AMSAV service is extremely flexible and can be tailored to suit every sales and marketing requirement you have. We have created your own, experienced Personal Video Salesman who never sleeps and who will first find the right customers and distributors for you, then pitch your product and sell them the perfect product for their needs, taking them to the payment or signup page, all within a few minutes, 24/7/365.

For the equivalent of 1 month’s salary – or even less!

The cost of your package is easy to offset!

First, you can use the part of your advertising budget that is not bringing you positive results.

Second, the time you save NOT pitching to the wrong people in just your first month will cover the once-off cost of your chosen package.

AMSAV works equally well for both online and offline businesses. As long as you have a product or service to sell, a web site with a payment gateway and a checkout page and an email account, AMSAV can target your preferred market and sell to them on your behalf – so you don’t have to!

Any one of the 4 video options can be used to promote your whole business or individual products or services, with or without additional videos embedded in them, according to your needs or as your budget allows.

Click on the links below for more information on each option.

Basic Option – Customised survey only.
Logo Intro Option – Impactful 60-sec. videos that introduce your logo, products and contact details to the world.
Intermediate Option – “Static” video, max 5 minutes.

Advanced Option – “Animated” video, max 5 minutes.
Ultimate Option – “Interactive” video, max 5 minutes, excl. embedded videos run time.
Embedded Videos – Add as many embedded videos as you like to your Ultimate Package main video to “fine-tune” your viewer’s search.
Embedded Videos Run Time: Average of 1-3 minutes each.

NOTE! Videos longer than 5 minutes will have an additional labour charge for time spent. We will notify you before proceeding. 

On the Shop page, you can choose any combination of the above, eg: 1 x Logo Intro Video + 1 x Custom Survey + 1 x Ultimate Package + 6 Embedded Videos. Stipulate Quantity of each and add them to your shopping cart before you “Proceed to Checkout”.

You can then “Add to Cart” either or both of the Subscription Services, and soon you will be able to purchase our Sales and Computer Training Courses.

NOTE! To pay in Bitcoin, please Contact Us and ask for our Bitcoin wallet address. Remember to email us with your name, product purchased and your sending wallet address so we can reconcile your payment.

What we need from you:

Your company logo and slogan, your web site URL, your business email address and your cellphone number (and country code).
Your social and business media links.
A link to your web site’s checkout page, online Store or Products page. NOTE! You MUST have a web site with an online store, checkout page and payment gateway, to receive payments.
The most common questions you want answered by survey respondents to ensure they are potential customers.
Text describing the main features and benefits of your business / product / service.
Images showing your business / product / service.
Any short video clips you may have on your business, with or without sound.

What you will get from us:

Paul von Wildenrath’s 48 years of accumulated sales and marketing skills, experience and professionalism, geared to promote YOUR business.
A short, powerful 1-2 minute survey that will sort the customers from the time-wasters.
A 2-6 minute product promo video (Intermediate, Advanced & Ultimate packages) that will sell for you on autopilot, 24/7.
Optional additional embedded videos.
The power of Attraction Marketing and Video Marketing.
An optional monthly Monitoring and Management Service.
An optional monthly Video Editing and Updating Service.
Know anyone who could do with learning how to use a computer, or who wants to learn to sell properly? Bring them to us and we will pay you a 5% spotter’s fee if they buy!

Subscription Services

Click on the links below for more information on each monthly service.

Monitoring & Management Service.

Video Editing & Updating Service.

Subscription Service Costs



Price in ZAR

Monthly Monitoring & Management Service

6 hrs pm

4,000 pm

9 hrs pm

6,000 pm

12 hrs pm

8,000 pm






Price in ZAR

Monthly Video Editing & Updating Service

1/mth (monthly)

3,000 pm

2/mth (fortnightly)

6,000 pm

4/mth (weekly)

12,000 pm

Training Courses

Click on the links below for more information on each course.

Retail Sales Training Course – Learn to Sell ANYTHING Like a Professional!

Basic Computer & Internet Literacy & Awareness Course.

How to (Business) Network Like a Professional.

How to be a TOP Network Marketer / Affiliate / MLM’er.


Training Course Costs

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