Basic Option – Customised Survey Only

Before you can present your products to potential customers, you have to find them! Finding customers is called “Prospecting”, and it is a job very few people enjoy doing. This is why we have created Automated Prospecting Surveys as part of our service delivery. Prospecting is THE most important element of a sale, because without prospecting, you have no customers! And without customers, you cannot present, make sales, close deals, get paid and earn an income.

The best way to Prospect on autopilot is through surveys, written specifically for the client’s business
or industry. Our Basic Option is a powerful Prospecting tool that works on autopilot, just like our promo videos
do, to find the RIGHT people to sell your products to!
The Basic Option is all about automated Prospecting, and you should Add it to your Basket whether you already
know how to sell or you enjoy selling or not, because Prospecting is as important as selling, but it is a completely different activity. We will research your business, gather information and build your survey for you. 

Our customised surveys are short and powerful, with only 8-10 carefully selected questions that take around 2 minutes to answer. They will quickly show you who is a genuine buyer, and who is just a time-waster who has no intention of buying from you. Each survey is customised to suit your business or industry, and you will soon see from the first 1-4 answers whether to delete the respondent or save their details for Step 2 – add them to your newsletter database and send them your product promo video, or call them to make an appointment for a meeting.

And if you don’t have the time or the inclination to monitor your survey’s responses yourself, simply subscribe to our monthly Monitoring & Management Service, and we will do it all for you.
Click this link to take our survey, unique to AMSAV.
Your survey will be unique to YOUR business, too. It will do all your prospecting for you, on autopilot.
By taking our survey, you will achieve 2 things:
1. You will see if you really need our services.
2. You will see what YOUR survey could look like. 

Here are a few prospecting survey examples.

Our AMSAV Survey Link for potential Customers

Our AMSAV Survey link for Potential Agents & Spotters 

Quality Bullion survey for potential Customers

Time is money!

Save valuable time with an AMSAV automated prospecting survey! Don’t waste it trying to sell to people who have no intention of buying from you! Focus your efforts on the “opted-in” prospects who respond positively to your survey. Increase your chances of closing a deal by up to 80% – with no extra effort on your part!