Learn How to Sell Like a Professional

with our

Retail Sales Training Course,

“So You Want to Learn to Sell, Too?”

Our Sales Training Course, written by our founder & CEO, Paul von Wildenrath, incorporates all the skill and insight he has developed over the past 5 decades.

Paul has owned several companies, managed sales teams, trained salespeople and written several books on sales and marketing.
He is now transferring his vast wealth of sales and marketing knowledge into e-book form and onto video to help YOU sell more efficiently and effectively.

Paul’s book, “So You Want to Learn to Sell, Too?” was initially written at the request of the MD of L’Oreal in South Africa to teach hairdressers how to sell more of their product.
It was so successful that L’Oreal took Paul on a 10-day holiday to Malaysia in September, 1994, together with all the prizewinners in the country who brought in the most L’Oreal product sales.

Paul has now updated the book to be a generic sales training manual that will help anyone become a top salesperson, no matter what they sell, ie: products or services, online or offline. 
There is a wealth of knowledge in this book that, once learned, can never be taken away from you. All YOU need to do is learn it well, then put it into practise!

Buy all 32 chapters of Paul’s book: “So You Want to Learn to Sell, Too?”, for only $5.00 per chapter, or buy the entire book for $135 once-off! Pay for 27 chapters and get 5 chapters FREE as a bonus!
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