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On this page you will see the videos we have created for ourselves and our clients.

As the number of videos increases, we will create Categories for different AMSAV videos and different client industries, eg: Restaurants, Plumbers, Accountants, Bakeries, Architects, etc. to make it easier to find and watch specific video types that you are interested in.

Should you want to discuss your requirements with us, please Contact Us.


Intermediate Package – “Static” Videos

Here is an Intermediate video we created for a Dros Restaurant in Silver Lakes, Pretoria East, South Africa.
In the Intermediate package, the images are “static”, meaning they don’t move around.

Advanced Package – “Animated” Videos

Here is a promo video we did for AMSAV. We used the Advanced package to show you what an “animated” video looks like, where the text and images move around.

Ultimate Package – “Interactive” Videos

Here is an Interactive (Ultimate package) video we created to show you how an AMSAV sales video can present your product, close deals and get payment – directly into YOUR bank account!
This could happen with YOUR video, too!
Overseas suppliers charge and get $10,000 for a 5-minute video like this one. Our prices are much more reasonable.
Click the links when asked to do so, to progress through the video. If the video pauses, click the “Play” button in the bottom left corner to continue. 

Your GREAT advantage!! Less than 1% of
businesses even know this technology exists! 

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