We understand that many business- and salespeople are too busy to monitor their lead-generating survey responses, or they don’t have the time or simply don’t remember to send out their survey and video URLs. This is a common problem.
We thought of that, and to help them, we created 2 critically important Subscription Services. Our customers pay us a monthly or weekly fee, and we do everything for them, so they maintain the highest possible return on their AMSAV investment! 

For the Monitoring and Management Service, we first send out their survey links to everyone they tell us to, as well as some of our own contacts. We also create social media groups in their neighbourhood so people living around them can easily find and interact with them. We receive the responses to their surveys, we delete the non-buyers and save the potential buyers in an autoresponder database, which we make available to our customer for future target marketing. 

We then send out their sales video URL/s ONLY to the people who responded positively to the survey. This way, no-one can accuse anyone of spamming, as they opted-in by responding positively to the survey, and second, we only address the respondents who asked for more information, or who indicated that they want to buy something.

The Editing and Updating Service is for people who sell one-off items, like property, classic cars, luxury yachts, aircraft, art, antiques and auctioned items.

We only remove the sold items and replace them with new items. The basic infrastructure of the video remains intact. 
This saves the client a ton of time and money, because we only charge for replacing the individual items, and it’s done fast, so the updated video can be posted out asap. Sometimes within hours!

Monitoring and Management Service

Let us monitor your survey responses, weed out the non-buyers and send out your promo videos to the potential buyers, create an autoresponder database for you and provide you with regular feedback. You can pay monthly, or pay every 3, 6 or 12 months for bigger discounts! Click "Buy Now" to see pricing and related options.

Editing and Updating Service

Do you sell one-off items like classic cars, luxury yachts, aircraft, property, art & antiques and auctioned items? Editing and updating your video is cheaper than creating a whole new one because the basic infrastructure is already in place! You save time & money! You can choose to have your videos edited 1x pm, or 2x or 4x pm for even bigger discounts! Click “Buy Now” to see pricing and related options.