We want your business!

And we want to share our confidence in our AMAZING PRODUCTS with you!
Therefore, if this is the first time you are hearing about prospecting surveys and interactive videos, we want to overcome any suspicions or misgivings you may have by offering you a Special Deal to try the service and see how greatly it can benefit your business. (By the way, this technology has been in use internationally for quite a while now, with thousands of happy and satisfied users).

I’m talking primarily about our lead-generating surveys and sales videos, but this deal does also include our subscription services and tutorial courses.

To this end, we have come up with a marketing strategy with so many brilliant features and at such an excellent and sustainable price that, in the words of Marlon Brando in the movie “The Godfather”, it’s an offer you can’t refuse!

we will create, on your behalf,

2, 4, 6 or 8 unique videos per month about your products, at unbelievably low prices.

(We prefer to make profits on volume sales, not high mark-ups).

Therefore, the more videos you take, the lower the unit price!

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2 videos @ R2,000 / £/€/$ 200 each

= R4,000 / £/€/$ 400 pm.

4 videos @ R1,750 / £/€/$ 175 each

= R7,000 / £/€/$ 700 pm.

6 videos @ R1,500 / £/€/$ 150 each

= R9,000 / £/€/$ 900 pm.

8 videos @ R1,250 / £/€/$ 125 each

= R10,000 / £/€/$ 1,000 pm.

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As you can see, by comparing the price of 8 videos against 2, you are saving R6,000 / £/€/$ 600 per month! AND you get more product!


In addition, each “Bundle” contains a customised
prospecting survey worth an additional R2,000 / £/€/$ 200!

We are the only company in South Africa offering this package, and the only company in the world with our unique features built in, to increase your sales conversions more than anyone else can.

By way of comparison, our overseas counterparts charge from £175 – £1,950 per video, WITHOUT the surveys.
And without the inclusion of my 50 years’ sales & marketing experience!

Furthermore, we have reduced our asking price from R6,000 per video ONLY, to the figures you see above, as I prefer to earn profits on volume sales rather than on large mark-ups. This is a huge cost saving for YOU and our other customers.

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Other Important Features:

No once-off payments. Subscribe monthly and free up your capital for other things.

Pay monthly for 6 months at a time.

Depending on the bundle you chose, you will have a set amount of videos by the end of the period. We will reuse these videos, with updates, for each subsequent 6-month period. After the first 6 months of our agreement, your monthly premium on the survey/video bundle will be reduced by a further 10% for the following and subsequent 6-monthly periods that you subscribe to. 
(NOTE! The package will not be discounted by 10% every 6 months; it will be discounted once more by 10% for the further duration of our association based on this package. New package deals will be given preferential pricing, too, with the same high standards of quality and support. We want to keep you as a satisfied and happy customer).

Each video contains 1 Interactive element that will hold your audience’s attention throughout and prevent up to 100% of them from “surfing” away and abandoning the video. Additional Interactive elements can be purchased for inclusion in the videos. We will discuss these at our consultation meeting.

Each video will have its own unique look and feel, as we have hundreds of different templates, special effects, sound effects, transitions, music tracks and many other interesting elements and animations.

Videos will be edited regularly during the term should you subscribe to our Video Editing & Updating Service at a 25% discount, as part of your Loyalty Rewards Discount Bundle.
Choose from the 1x, 2x or 4x editing rate per month.

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to monitor the responses to your survey and send out our video links, we will do it all for you when you subscribe to our Monthly Monitoring & Management Service, again at a 25% discount off our list price. We will send out your survey link, monitor the responses, delete the time wasters, create an autoresponder account in your name and save the prospects in that database (where they will be yours forever), send your promo videos to them at scheduled dates and times, forward their responses to you to follow up on and provide you with reports and tracking analytics. You can read more about these services under the Subscription Services tab.

You must provide us with the best materials and literature you have on your products – professionally photographed images, short video clips, contact name, company name & product names, descriptive text, logo, contact details – so we can promote them for you in a stylish and professional manner. We will discuss ideas with you for every production before we begin. Voiceovers are an optional extra but will be included, if required, at no cost as a Reward for your extended business. The more you support us, the more we will support you!


By working together and sharing our skills and resources, we both benefit!

Contact Us to discuss this idea in more detail!