Training Courses is one of our main product categories. 
It has grown to the stage that we currently offer 6 different courses for sale, all on different subjects, and we are sure to be adding more in the near future.
This is why we thought it a good idea to create a separate page just for these courses, where we can tell you more about them.
They will also be listed in the Shop, where they can be purchased outright or even bought on subscription. 

The computer literacy course is mostly for kids and elderly people who might be a bit “technophobic”, or anyone who has never had the time, opportunity or the drive to learn how to use a computer, but who now has to get computer skills in order to earn money or communicate better.

The cooking course is mainly for diabetics, people with heart or kidney problems, those with weight and nourishment problems, and the health conscious.

Someone once said: “Knowledge is Power.”
I disagree.
I like helping others, and one way I do this is by sharing my experience, knowledge and skills with as many people as I can, by writing ebooks and creating videos on the subjects I know a lot about.

These include: 

How to sell retail like a professional;

How to business network with confidence;

How to network market successfully;

How to gain computer and internet literacy;

A cooking course for diabetics and the health conscious;

A sales and personal development course for hotel & restaurant staff.

A new international law, propagated by the European Union or EU, forces all publishers and resellers of online courses to pay EU VAT (Value Added Tax), whether they live in or sell to EU customers – or not!
I find this preposterous, because it means our customers must pay extra for their courses, sometimes unnecessarily.

But I found an exemption, so in order to help my customers save money, I am willing to implement it, even though it increases my workload considerably.
The VAT exemption is given to courses have have a human presence, for example in a webinar.

I am therefore willing to hold webinar training courses for anyone who is interested in them, with the following conditions.

1. These types of courses will cost a little more than if you only buy the manual, because you will have me present at every one, so I must factor in an additional cost for the extra time I’m spending on the training. They will still be cheaper than having to pay EU VAT.

2. Each course will be for approximately 30 minutes, so we stay sharp and alert. We could have one webinar a week until the training is completed, unless students have other suggestions. In any case, the course will last for 2 months to accommodate those students who chose the 3-payment option.


3. There should be at least 5-10 students in the room, so spread the word amongst friends who you think would benefit from getting the training.

4. We will have up to 30 minutes extra at the end of every webinar for Q&A, so I ask that you don’t ask questions during the training. Write them down and ask them during the Q&A session.

5. You will each receive access to a recording of the webinar.

6. Payment must be made upfront. Non-payers will be blocked from attending the webinar.

7. You will be given the option of paying once or over 2 or 3 payments.

8. The longer you take to pay, the more the course will cost. This is a standard condition of payment.

9. Trust is of vital importance here. Only people who have paid must be in the webinar. Please don’t invite your friends to come and sit in for free, because then you are depriving me and my family of income, and you wouldn’t like someone to do that to you! It is also unfair on those students who have been honest, paid for the course and kept it to themselves.

10 Anyone bringing in paying customers will get a 5% “Spotter’s” commission per attendee for having done so. Bring us 20 paying customers and your own course will be FREE!

Please note that there will be no refunds given for live training webinars, as the service will be deemed to have been given. 

Below are the courses currently available in ebook form.
Please let me know which of these you would like to be held in a live webinar.