Learn How to Sell Like a Professional

with our Retail Sales Training Course, “So You Want to Learn to Sell, Too?”

Paul von Wildenrath, Author

"What Every would-Be and Professional Salesperson Needs to Know to Succeed!"

So many sales training manuals come up short on important details. This curated ebook gathers and lays out everything that experienced and “newbie” salespeople need to know on any given day to consistently perform at peak efficiency.

Our Sales Training Course, written by our founder & CEO, Paul von Wildenrath, incorporates all the skills, techniques, methods and insights he has developed over the past 5 decades. Paul has owned several companies, managed many sales teams, trained 100’s of salespeople and written several books on sales and marketing, among others.

He is now transferring his vast wealth of sales and marketing knowledge into e-book form and onto video to help YOU sell more efficiently and effectively and to put you at the top of your game!


Paul’s book, “So You Want to Learn to Sell, Too?” was initially written at the request of the MD of L’Oreal in South Africa to teach hairdressers how to sell more of their shampoo, conditioner and treatment products.

It was so successful that L’Oreal paid for Paul to join all the prize winners, who made the most L’Oreal product sales, on a 10-day holiday to Malaysia in September, 1994. 


Paul has now updated the book to be a generic sales training manual that will help anyone become a top salesperson, no matter what they sell, ie: products or services, online or offline. He is currently working on creating a video of the manual, as well as videos on individual chapters. This additional service is being included especially for experienced salespeople who only need a refresher on certain techniques. With all these available options, you only pay for what you want or need.

There is a wealth of knowledge in this book that, once learned, can never be taken away from you! All YOU need to do is learn it well, then put it into practise!

Recently, new international laws were implemented that say anyone selling an online course must charge their customers EU VAT. Even if they don’t live in or sell to anyone living in the EU, this VAT is payable, which, we feel, is inappropriate (especially for non-EU residents) and adds to our students’ cost unnecessarily.

Paul investigated this further and found an exemption, which is: “If a course is given where there is a “live” trainer or presenter, then the EU VAT is exempted”.

Paul has decided to hold “live” webinars for those students who live outside the EU or who feel they shouldn’t have to pay the VAT. To make this idea viable, there would need to be at least 5-10 students in each webinar, and certain rules need to be attached and agreed upon by the attendees.

Click Here to read the rules, then send us a form if you’d like to book a spot for one of our first webinars so we can put you on our list for when we begin the training.

NOTE! Invite paying customers to attend, and we will pay you a 5% commission on each one!

Bring us 20 students and your own course is FREE!

Buy all 33 chapters (117 pages) of the book for only ZAR1,600 / 97 USD / GBP / EUR cash! The complete video will be available for ZAR3,200 / 194 USD / GBP / EUR cash!

NOTE! Prices do not include sales tax.


You can buy the book per chapter and pay per page, attend online webinars presented by Paul if you wish to avoid having to pay extra in EU VAT, or even get private tuition!


NOTE! The chapters are all of different lengths, from 1-12 pages, so we do not charge per chapter, we charge ZAR15.00 / 1.00 USD / GBP / EUR per page, which we feel is much fairer.

Bought per page, the entire book would cost ZAR1,650 / 110 USD / GBP / EUR (we only charge you for the 110 pages of actual intellectual content), so we don’t penalise you. You pay for what you want or need and get full value!

Contact Us if you would like to make a purchase, attend a webinar, apply for private tuition on retail sales, business networking and/or network marketing, or to know more about the courses’ contents. International students can buy everything directly from our Shop via Paypal.

If you live in South Africa, you can choose “South African Rands” as your currency and buy via EFT through i-Pay (recommended), or choose PayFast for recurring billing.

100's of satisfied students can't be wrong!

I just loved the clarity and feel of the book. I have already tried some of the techniques Paul prescribes, and I'm so chuffed to see they actually work! I had so much fun testing autosuggestion on my friends!

Sarah Middleton

It's genius the way in which Paul sells on logic while customers buy on emotion. It's like he has direct insight into the minds of consumers. He knows exactly how to close that deal.

William Donaldson

As an experienced salesman, I am constantly looking for new ways to improve my skills. This book is a great refresher course for me.

Martin Hanratty

"I’m so happy that I discovered Paul's sales training service! I feel so inspired! Paul’s advice and support have been hugely beneficial in helping me increase my customer database. Profits from new sales conversions have already more than covered the cost."

Danny Wilson

"The opportunity to start a business and actually have paying clients in such a short period of time is outstanding. Paul’s sales training is awesome! I've tried other big-name sales trainers, but they don't even come close."

Cheryl Johnstone

"A great product with outstanding service and support from Paul. What makes such a huge difference is that he is always available to help and answer questions. A true entrepreneur! Brilliant!”

Mark Silverman

Choose Your Favourite Format

It’s only a book, but it comes in many shapes and formats for you to choose from.
Purchase it outright on SPECIAL for a Limited Time Only!
Buy per chapter and pay R15.00 / 1.00 £/€/$ per page.

Buy the entire training manual on video (coming soon).
Attend a series of live webinars, hosted by the author, and pay in  1, 2 or 3 instalments.
Get private tuition with Paul on sales, business networking and/or network marketing.
All prices and purchase options are below.
If you don’t see what you want, Contact Us and we will help you!

eBook Outright Purchase

£ 97
  • Special Price! Limited Time Only! £, €, or $.
  • 33 chapters, 117 pages.
  • Hot selling tips, tricks, techniques and ideas

Buy Per Chapter, Pay Per Page

£ 1
  • Pay R15.00 or 1.00 USD, GBP, EUR per page. We must know which chapters you want to buy. Please Contact Us.

Pay For eBook Over 2-3 Months

£ 102/107
  • Pay R1,790 / 102 £/€/$ over 2 months, or R1,890 / 107 £/€/$ over 3 months, excl. tax. Pay with recurring billing via PayFast (S. Africa) or Paypal (International customers).

Webinar - Make 1 Payment

£ 347
  • Live training with the author! Save 250 £/€/$ !
  • 5 x 1 hour sessions.
  • Includes a copy of the sales training manual!

Webinar - Make 2 Payments

£ 185 x 2
  • Pay R2,990 x 2 or 185 £/€/$ x 2. Prices are sales tax exempt. Pay with recurring billing via PayFast (S. Africa) or Paypal (International customers).

Webinar - Make 3 Payments

£ 130 x 3
  • Pay 3 x R2,195 / 130 $/£/€. Prices are sales tax exempt. Pay with recurring billing via PayFast (S. Africa) or Paypal (International customers).

LIVE, Online Private Tuition

£ 50/hr
  • R850 / 50 £/€/$ per hour. Min. 2 hours.
  • Learn about Sales training, business networking, Network Marketing, or a combination of the 3.
  • Buy 5 x 1hr sessions with the author to get a copy of our sales training manual. It's yours to keep.
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