Training Course for Restaurant & Hotel Staff

Restaurant Sales & Personal Development Course

What This Course is About

This is a training manual for waiters and waitresses, hotel and restaurant owners and managers, kitchen staff and anyone employed in the hospitality industry. It is not only a sales training manual, it teaches you about personal hygiene, how to dress, how to conduct yourself, how to deal with colleagues and customers, and more. It is fully comprehensive, which is why I included “Personal Development” in the title, because it aims to make you not only a better innkeeper, but a more professionally turned out individual as well.

I trust that you will purchase and keep it with you always, or make a gift of it to someone special who you know would like to make a career in this industry. It will teach you many good things about your profession and how to conduct yourself in it, and could lead to promotions and a permanent salary, and if you apply what is written, it will definitely bring you bigger tips and commissions and cover its cost very quickly.

I have been in sales and marketing for nearly 50 years at the time of writing this, and I was in the hotel and restaurant business for a decade of that time. I have trained many restaurant and sales staff, run several successful companies and always maintained a high standard of quality in both my products and my service to others.
This book has 50 pages that are jam-packed with valuable and important information that will definitely forward your career, if the information is applied consistently and in a friendly and professional manner.