The AMSAV Ultimate Package –
Customised Survey + Interactive Video


This is our premium video product!

We own the most sophisticated software in the world, and we use it exclusively for this package!
This software ENGAGES the viewer’s total attention and INTERACTS with them, making them answer questions we ask, in order to progress through the video until they find and buy their preferred product/s! 

This is important, because….

87% Of All Online Marketers Use Video Content!

And viewers are 90% more likely to buy a product or use a service after viewing a video!

Marketers using video see an average of a 4.8% conversion rate with video. 

Which is almost double the average for websites that do not use video content (2.9% conversion.)

In short, video advertising is the single most effective and scalable brand awareness tool on offer nowadays, except for two little drawbacks – it’s expensive, and worse, it’s hard to clearly quantify ROI.

Enter the AMSAV Interactive Video – a new twist that’s a marketer’s dream!

Click, Swipe, Engage!

An Interactive Video is just what it sounds like – an opportunity for viewers to not just watch, but to click, swipe and otherwise engage via Q&A IN the video, call-to-action overlays, or a series of overlay elements.

Put simply, interactive videos are videos that your audience can interact with!
This means that instead of your video taking viewers on a linear journey – where the only options are play, skip and pause – your video will have many different paths that users can navigate at their choosing.

This new “active” way to enjoy videos will make your brand more memorable and help you compete for attention in an overcrowded market.

And THIS is what AMSAV offers you with our best-selling Ultimate Package!

The Ultimate package includes 1 survey, customised to your business or industry, and 1 interactive product promo video, customised to promote your business, product or service.

The cost of the Ultimate package is ZAR 7,500 or USD / GBP / EUR 1,250, or BTC 0.191.
It is priced at 15 hours of work, even though we may spend as many as 30-50 hours on your video. 

Additional embedded videos are charged at ZAR 1,500 each for 3 hours of work done, or USD / GBP / EUR 250 each, or BTC 0.038 each.

The Ultimate package is at the top of our 3 video products range, as it contains interactive videos which are the most expensive to produce. However, they offer far greater selling power than the other 2 video options, and will earn your cost back much faster because of their engaging quality, and put you into profit sooner. 

See the AMSAV promo video on the Home and Client Videos pages that we created using the Ultimate package. This video’s expressed purpose is to find customers, present to them, sell, close the deal and take them to your web site’s Checkout Page – all on autopilot!
We have used our own Checkout Page, so follow the instructions. Select an item, click “Add to Cart” then “View Cart” then “Proceed to Checkout” and stop there, unless you want to buy one of our packages.

Our Ultimate video package can also spread the word virally on social media about your products by asking the viewers to “Share” the video on several social media sites, thereby giving them a greater chance of being selected and purchased. 

With the Ultimate package we can take any video and turn it into an interactive, conversation-style video where your now-captivated viewers are able to make choices during the video that will lead them to the specific product or service they are looking for, and even enable them to buy and make immediate payment off the video, directly into YOUR bank account via your web site’s Checkout page!

With AMSAV’s Ultimate package, we can…

  • Generate perfect interactive videos to promote your business, products and services.

  • Create interactive sales training videos to make your team more professional and more efficient! They have to answer questions and take a test at the end! This keeps them awake and involved, so they retain more of what they learn.

  • Save you time, money and effort.

  • Effectively boost sales conversions, close more deals and increase turnover and profit, all on autopilot, 24/7!

Who Is This For?

The AMSAV Interactive Videos are for marketers who want to “spice up” their marketing strategies by involving their audience in a much more meaningful way, where they can respond to questions to find the individual items they want, from your wide range of products – and buy them!
AMSAV Interactive Videos allow your viewers to SELECT WHAT THEY WANT TO SEE THEMSELVES – and stay engaged all the way through!

There is a term for this type of audience participation. It is called “Behavioural Dynamic Response Marketing” or BDRM.
The AMSAV Ultimate Interactive Videos can keep your customers engaged for the duration of the WHOLE video, and increase your conversions, sales and profits.

This is done by automatically delivering custom content, based on each viewer’s individual actions during the course of the video.
And because the content is relevant to that particular viewer, you can deliver the perfect pitch to the perfect prospect at the perfect time, increase sales and reduce “drop-offs”.


A dynamic, CUSTOM viewing experience that skyrockets engagement, viewing time, clicks and sales … in MINUTES!

  • Follow the example of large corporations like Maybelline, Gaiam TV, Newton Running and many others.

  • Earn huge profits and dramatically increase sales conversions.

  • Now you, too, can get the SAME RESULTS as the top brands in the game – easier and faster than you ever thought possible!

If your business is not currently using AMSAV’s Interactive Video Marketing,
then you are missing out on a HUGE income opportunity!

Companies overseas are asking US$10,000 per video – AND GETTING IT!

Take advantage of our Startup Specials before the prices go up!

Contact Us and let us work out a package that best suits your requirements.

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Because the Ultimate video is “interactive”, you can engage your audience and communicate with them, by asking questions that they must answer in order to advance through the video.
These questions and answers are achieved through using Additional Embedded Videos, making the Ultimate package more interactive and “fine-tuning” your offering to suit each person’s specific needs and increasing your sales conversions.

Additional Embedded Videos – We can “fine tune” your Ultimate video and lead your customers to the precise product or service they need, with “Buy Now” prompts along the way so they can check out whenever they are ready to.
You can ask for Data Capture forms (eg: “Subscribe to our mailing list.”) to be embedded in your video; Facebook “Share” buttons and videos; Landing pages; Checkout and Signup page links; and more. 
Embedded videos in the Ultimate package are priced at 3 hours of work each. 

Let’s say you offer a range of cosmetic products for men and women.

  • We can add 2 buttons to the main video: “Are you male?” and “Are you female?”.  (2 additional videos).

  • We add 3 more buttons to each additional video: “Are you interested in skin care?”, “Are you interested in hair care?” and “Are you interested in both skin and hair care?” (6 additional videos). We are now creating a pathway down which your “Super Video Salesman” is taking your Customer, fine-tuning your range to pin-point exactly which products to offer each Customer, based on their gender and their product preference.

  • We add “Buy Now” buttons on the last few embedded videos so the customer can checkout whenever they are ready to, without having to wait till the end of the video.

  • We can even put a “Chapters” menu in the video, listing all your product categories so viewers can go directly to the products they are interested in!

    This increases your sales conversion rate immensely.

  • We can insert embedded videos that open a Landing or Squeeze Page (with a time sensitive discount code, creating a sense of urgency) and take the viewer directly to your “Shop” or “Checkout” Page where they can purchase the item you are selling, and make immediate payment. So you get paid before you release the goods.

  • This all happens without your intervention. It works for you on autopilot, 24/7/365.

  • All you have to do is put the video’s html code on your web site and send your survey link out to everyone in your email/phone contacts list, as we have done on this web site. Paste it into groups on Facebook and on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Telegram, Whatsapp, WeChat, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and others.

Once you receive responses to your survey, only send the promo video link to people who respond positively to the survey, saving you enough time to cover the cost of your video!

Delete the rest!

NOTE! AMSAV does not collect your survey responses or your payments. However, as a result of increasing customer demand, we have created 2 monthly subscriptions to further assist you:

  1. A monthly Monitoring and Management Service where we monitor and respond to incoming replies for you if you don’t have the time or the staff to send out survey links, monitor their responses, delete the non-buyers, capture the potential buyers in your autoresponder database, send them the video link/s, follow up, make appointments, etc. You can make arrangements with your customers for collection or delivery once the funds have cleared through your bank account.

  2. A monthly Video Editing and Upgrading Service where, if you have one-off or high ticket items for sale, like cars, motorbikes, boats, heavy duty construction vehicles and factory equipment, property, etc, as each item is sold and replaced, we will update your video with new pictures, videos, voiceovers, background music and more. This will save you a ton of money because it is much cheaper than having to make a new video every time.

If this is of interest to you, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.