Video Editing and Updating Service.

It is a lot cheaper to update a video than to redo it completely, because the structure and the URL are already in place. With an update, all we do is replace the content, so we can charge less for doing this.

We realise that some clients have one-off products (auctioneers, antique & art dealers), or high-ticket items (luxury vehicles, planes, boats, property) and that their videos would either need replacing often, or editing.

We also know that some products sell faster than others, so we chose to add value to our service by offering a weekly, fortnightly or monthly editing & updating service to keep their videos topical and at low cost.

This service is aimed at motor dealers, estate agents, boat and aeroplane sellers, auctioneers, antique & art dealers and anyone who has one-off or high ticket items (for example) that, once sold, need to quickly be replaced with new items.

This service includes removing and replacing images, video clips, voiceovers and background music, thus keeping the videos up to date and topical.

NOTE! The editing & updating charge is for a one-to-one product replacement per video. Adding additional items will be charged for at ZAR 500/hour.

This service is priced as follows:

1 update per month (monthly) – ZAR 2,000 / USD/GBP/EUR 350 / BTC 0.050 pm

2 updates per month (fortnightly) – ZAR 3,500 / USD/GBP/EUR 610 / BTC 0.090 pm (You get 1 hour FREE – you save R500 pm)!

4 updates per month (weekly) – ZAR 7,000 / USD/GBP/EUR 1,220 / BTC 0.180 pm (You 
get 2 hours FREE – you save R1,000 pm)!