Video Examples

Hover your mouse over “Video Examples” in the top menu and select the category of video types you want to look at.
Here is a reminder of what they are:

Logo Intro Videos short, powerful and punchy 60-second videos that introduce your logo, company, products and services to the world.

Intermediate Video Option Videos made with static images and text, video clips, voiceover and musical background. No animation or special effects.

Advanced Video Option Videos made with static AND animated images and text, special effects, templates, video clips, voiceover and musical background, and optional sound effects.

Ultimate Video Option – Videos made with all the above, plus our “secret weapon” – an Interactive element that engages your audience and prevents them from surfing away, by getting them to answer questions in order to advance through the video. 
You can purchase any number of Additional Embedded Videos to enhance your main video.
This extra option can lead your viewers to your checkout page where they can purchase your products straight off the video, and make immediate payment directly into your bank account! This incredible software is our most expensive option, but it will make more sales faster, recover your cost quicker and start increasing your sales conversions and profits in no time!
These embedded videos are hugely discounted to make your Ultimate Video more affordable, and we offer a monthly rental as well as an outright purchase option.

Basic Option Finally, consider adding a Custom Survey to your video. It will do the job that most people hate doing – prospecting – and do it on autopilot, 24/7, so YOU don’t have to! It will sort the buyers from the non-buyers and save their details so you can add them to your autoresponder database and send them newsletters from time to time for “upsells”.